2021 Techies Survey on Side Projects.

Tell us YOUR story!

Your own unique experiences and challenges in building side-projects matter and the results of this survey will be used by all fellow techies who hustle on the side, to compare notes vis a vis how side project makers navigate these current times.

The survey takes less than five minutes and focuses on four main areas:

  • Your current main occupation situation.
  • Your psychological well-being
  • Your ideas on improving side project building potential.
  • Your goals for 2021and beyond.

Well, we lied. This survey has five focus areas and not four, the fifth one being an effort to find ways to pay you back for the time you took off to participate in the survey. Something, we could help you with, for your side project, absolutely free, on a barter way, to show you an appreciations for your valuable contrubutions.

Who are we?

TractionMate partners with developers working on side projects, solopreneurs and early stage founders with small teams, to bring in ideal customers for their startup projects.